Seonglib who having a solo exhibition; <흩어진 파편들> and <작-업으로서의: 드로잉>, and participated in a number of group-shows including <BOOK+IMAGE7: before reading> and <GRIMDOSI 2019>, creates his own unique world of art that completed by repeated lines.

He always tries to use a new medium to get out of the limits of drawing on paper. His work of art is not only paper books' illustration such as Lee, Moon-yul's <Our Twisted Hero>, Jeon, Kyong-ryn's <이중연인>, Kim Won Young's <실격당한 자들을 위한 변론>. It crosses the boundaries of media by meeting different type of materials such as steel, ceramic, fabric through collaboration with several brands such as PRADA, Yido Pottery, and DESCENTE brands.


2020       흩어진 파편들, RYSE, autograph collection, Korea

2019       작-업의로서의:드로잉, yeonnamjang, Korea

2016       時代憧憬, ikdongdabang, Korea

                 explosion and circulation, gallerymeme, Korea


2020      KB국민은행 독립영웅 11인의 청춘전 – KB maru

2019      BOOK+IMAGE7, Mimesis art museum

                GRIMDOSI 2019, seoul 284

2018      Time of Black & white, SODA art museum

                GRIMDOSI 2018, ara art center

                독립, 그 이상의 역사 – 화성 사람들, hwaseong museum

                GRIMDOSI : cinema code 2018, The cage, Busan

                Subrleness of the organic thinking, Brazil Hall