Sujin Choi is recently interested in disassembling the process of dealing with painting work and personifying the moments. She creates a pictorial space based on places and objects she encountered on trips and walks, and describes scenes that she wants through matching accumulated senses, memories, experiences, and fantasies.

  Starting at the gallery Kunstdoc, seoul <Curious, Cloud, Words>, Sujin Choi has held five solo exhibitions and was selected as a resident artist of OCI Museum, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taipei, Beijing Art Mia Foundation. She has also participated in several special group exhibitions such as <The Adventures of Korean Painting: I Will Go Away All by Myself> at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Cheongju, <Arry> at Gallery Baton and <Intrelaced> at OCI Museum of Art.


2017      Rainbow Breath Studio, Hapjungjigu, Seoul, Korea

2015      Walk Around a Corner Rainbow Breath, Lee Eu Gean Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014      Lumpy Bumpy Ground, Gallery b'ONE, Seoul, Korea

2011      Allegory Forest: A Song of Fear, MakeShop Art Space, Paju, Korea

2010      Curiosity, Cloud, Words, KunstDoc, Seoul, Korea



2021      Hay in a Needle Stack, Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2021      The World We Made, Jeju, Korea

2020      OCI Museum of Art 10TH ANNIVERSARY-INTERLACED,  OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea

2020      The World We Made, Blue Square NEMO, Seoul, Korea

2019      The Adventures of Korean Painting: I Will Go Away All by Myself, MMCA Cheongju, Cheongju, Korea

2019      Array, Gallery Baton, Seoul, Korea