Zin Ki-jong contemplates unbelievable events or political, social, religious conflict, and questionable phenomena occurring in the same time from a neutral perspective. The method of substituting the world he sees into his work is a kind of formula of the concept of '21st century taxidermy' and he has worked on observing and reconstructing various issues through multimedia. The gaze of looking at the world from an omniscient viewpoint in the work expresses the gap between the way we currently see the world and reality, and the error of judgment caused by the error of perception. With this attitude, the blueprint of what happened on the planet in the past, what is happening now, and is likely to happen in the future is revealed in various media.


2019     < 21세기 박제사 > SINAP 작가지원, 신도문화공간,서울

2018     <알려지지않은 마을> 키아프 2018 코엑스, 서울

2015     <무신론 보고서> 갤러리현대, 서울

2012     <텔레비전:국가의법칙 > SK 텔레콤 빌딩 COMO 서울


2020     검은 해, 아트센터 화이트 블럭,파주

2019     이미지:매혹의연금술, 단원미술관,안산

               풀메탈자켓 강원미술제, 홍천탄약정비대대. 홍천

2018     균열龜裂2 국립현대미술관, 과천

2018     창원조각비엔날레.성산아트센터, 창원

2017     균열龜裂 국립현대미술관, 서울

               JCC 프론티어미술대상 수상작가전, JCC 아트센터, 서울

               덕후프로젝트:몰입하다. 북서울시립미술관, 서울

               다섯개의달: 익명과 미지의 귀환, 평창비엔날레, 강릉